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Grace OPC Sunday School Program – copy

Purpose: Coming alongside our covenant families to teach, establish, and equip the children at Grace to grow in grace as disciples of Jesus Christ

Goals: Students who grow over time in …

  • Knowledge of the Word of God, and the ability to both unpack its meaning and to apply it to their lives
  • Recognizing their own sinful condition and the redemption offered in the Gospel
  • Understanding of and love for the Triune God of the Bible
  • Their active pursuit of a relationship with God through the Word, sacraments, & prayer
  • Their relationship to Christ’s church, in due time becoming communicant members
  • Christ-centered relationships among their peers and the rest of the church
  • Their vision for and equipping to lead a life of faithful, fruitful Christian service, including making a ready defense of their faith and values


  • Age appropriate curriculum (*details below)
    • Great Commission Publications (GCP) curricula (exclusively so for 1st-6th grade)
    • The Westminster Confession of Faith and catechisms
    • Other Bible study guides, Christian books screened by the Session
  • Enthusiastic, well-equipped teachers (2 adults per classroom, all Grace members)
  • Classrooms and teaching aids to create a conducive learning environment

Complementary ministries:

  • Youth Group (7th-12th grade) – monthly meetings, annual retreat
  • Communicants Class (taken once w/ Senior pastor, ordinarily 3rd-7th grade)


Toddlers (2’s and 3’s)

Year 1 & 2:
Fall                 GCP Toddler – God’s Family
Winter            GCP Toddler – God’s Son
Spring            GCP Toddler – God’s Love
Summer         GCP Toddler – God’s People

Preschool (4’s and 5’s)

Year 1:
Fall                 GCP Preschool – God Leads His People
Winter            GCP Preschool – Living in God’s Family
Spring            GCP Preschool – Jesus is God
Summer         GCP Preschool – Serving the Savior

Year 2:
Fall                 GCP Preschool – God Created All Things
Winter            GCP Preschool – Jesus is God’s Son
Spring            GCP Preschool – Jesus is the Savior
Summer         GCP Preschool – God Keeps His Promises

Younger Elementary (1st and 2nd grade)

Year 1:
Fall                 GCP Younger Elementary – Obeying God – prophets and Kings
Winter            GCP Younger Elementary – Knowing Jesus – a Study in Leviticus
Spring            GCP Younger Elementary – Serving God
Summer         GCP Younger Elementary – Pleasing God – 10 commandments

Year 2:
Fall                 GCP Younger Elementary – Living Together – from Genesis
Winter            GCP Younger Elementary – Loving Jesus – teachings from the Gospels
Spring            GCP Younger Elementary – Studying God’s Word
Summer         GCP Younger Elementary – Growing in God – Old Testament Lessons

Middle Elementary (3rd and 4th grade)

Year 1:
Fall                 GCP Middle Elementary — God’s Grace in the Law – a Study in Exodus
Winter            GCP Middle Elementary — God’s Design for Worship – a Study in Leviticus
Spring            GCP Middle Elementary — God’s Growing Church – a study in Acts
Summer         GCP Middle Elementary — God’s servants – people from Old & New Testaments

Year 2:
Fall                 GCP Middle Elementary — Worshipping God
Winter            GCP Middle Elementary — Listening to Jesus – teachings from the Gospels
Spring            GCP Middle Elementary — Telling Others – stories from Acts
Summer         GCP Middle Elementary — Trusting God

Older Elementary (5th and 6th grade)

Year 1:
Fall                 GCP Genesis to Revelation (G2R) – Matthew to John
Winter            GCP G2R – Acts to Romans
Spring            GCP G2R – 1 Corinthians to Philemon
Summer         GCP G2R – Hebrews to Revelation

Year 2:
Fall                 GCP Genesis to Revelation (G2R) – Genesis
Winter            GCP G2R – Exodus to Ruth
Spring            GCP G2R – 1 Samuel to Esther
Summer         GCP G2R – Job to Malachi (including Psalms, Proverbs)

Junior High (7th and 8th Grade)

Year 1:
Fall                GCP 7/8th Bible Doctrine on the Westminster Shorter Catechism* (lessons 1 – 13)
Winter            GCP 10th-12th The Kingdom Comes – Study of Matthew
Spring            GCP 7/8th Bible Doctrine on the Westminster Shorter Catechism* (lessons 14 – 26)
Summer         GCP 10th-10th  Growing in Christ’s Church

Year 2:
Fall                GCP 7/8th Bible Doctrine on the Westminster Shorter Catechism* (lessons 27 – 39)
Winter            GCP 10th-12th Worshiping God
Spring            GCP 7/8th Bible Doctrine on the Westminster Shorter Catechism* (lessons 40 – 52)
Summer         GCP God’s World in Today’s World – How to Study the Bible
*supplemented by The Westminster Shorter Catechism by G.I. Williamson

Middle High (9th and 10th Grade)

Year 1:        Topic                                          Primary Text
Fall              Church History                           Turning Points Mark Noll
Spring         Book Study: Genesis                   12-Week Study (Knowing the Bible) M. Kim
Summer       Life issues or other topics            TBD

Year 2:       Topic                                           Primary Text
Fall             Apologetics                                 Every Thought Captive Richard Pratt
Spring        Book Study from the Prophets    TBD
Summer     Life issues or other topics            TBD

Senior High (11th and 12th Grade)

Year 1:       Topic                                          Primary Text
Fall             Book Study: Romans                 Commentary on Romans John Calvin
Spring        Reformed Distinctives                What is Reformed Theology? R.C. Sproul
Summer     Life Issues or other topics           TBD

Year 2:      Topic                                           Primary Text
Fall            Worldview                                    The Universe Next Door James Sire
Spring       Book Study: John                         TBD
Summer    Life issues or other topics             TBD


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