A Christ-centered Presbyterian church in the Washington, DC area. Join us Sundays at 9 a.m., 11:15 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Children’s Education

Children’s Sunday School classes are held for children and young people from two years old up through 12th grade.  The classes meet in the lower level classrooms from 10:15 to 11:00 a.m., at the same time the adult classes are being held on the main level.  Nursery is available for babies and toddlers during this time. The Sunday School program follows a well-developed curriculum. More information is available from Sunday School Director, Melody Bentley.  You may reach her by contacting the church office.

Priority:  Child Safety is important to us.  Go to our Child Protection Plan to read more about our policies that aim to promote a safe environment for our children, youth, staff, and volunteers.

Purpose: Coming alongside our covenant families to teach, establish, and equip the children at Grace to grow in grace as disciples of Jesus Christ

Goals: Students who grow over time in …

  • Knowledge of the Word of God, and the ability both to unpack its meaning and to apply it to their lives
  • Recognizing their own sinful condition and the redemption offered in the Gospel
  • Understanding of and love for the Triune God of the Bible
  • Their active pursuit of a relationship with God through the Word, sacraments, & prayer
  • Their relationship to Christ’s church, in due time becoming communicant members
  • Christ-centered relationships among their peers and the rest of the church
  • Their vision for and equipping to lead a life of faithful, fruitful Christian service, including making a ready defense of their faith and values


  • Age appropriate curriculum
    1. Great Commission Publications (GCP) curricula (exclusively so for 1st-6th grade)
    2. The Westminster Confession of Faith and catechisms
    3. Other Bible study guides, Christian books screened by the Session
    4. Outline of Grace OPC Children’s Sunday School Curriculum
  • Enthusiastic, well-equipped teachers (2 adults per classroom, all Grace members)
  • Classrooms and teaching aids to create a conducive learning environment

Complementary ministries:

  • Youth Group (7th-12th grade) – large group meetings, monthly lunch and small group studies
  • Communicants Class (taken once w/ senior pastor, ordinarily 3rd-7th grade)

Memorization program

We encourage children to memorize Scripture and the Shorter Catechism, and we publicly recognize the achievement of those who learn the assignments listed in these links: