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April 23 | Reopening Plans

We are hopeful!
As more people are vaccinated and we see COVID numbers generally improving, we have begun plans to expand the ministry offerings at Grace Church.  We are excited to share our goals for the coming months:

+ Outdoor Coffee fellowship – Starting April 25 (this Sunday!)
+ Nursery for 11 AM Service – Starting June 6 (expanding to other services if we have enough volunteers)
+ Sunday School for Adults and Children – Starting Sept. 12

In the coming weeks we will be working to mobilize the volunteers needed to carry out these plans.  At the same time, we realize that things can change quickly.  We will be watching the guidance given by our state authorities.  If things change in our plans, we will make adjustments and keep you updated.
// Please continue to pray that the LORD would bless our work and ministry expansion goals as we move forward.

We have had a season of decreased ministry and rest.  Now will be the time for many of us to step back into service roles at Grace.  Most of the tasks involved in serving are simple.  We just need volunteers who are willing to show up, lean in, and learn.  What better way to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ than to serve alongside them as we minister together?
// Please ask the LORD how he might want to use you to invest in your church family in the weeks and months ahead.